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Product Research & Sourcing Services

In an ever-changing world where image is everything and your brand can either make or destroy your business. there is little room for trial and error.

Not only finding the right product, concept or idea at the right time is critical to a successful launch. but being able to support that launch once it has begun can be even more important to success. Having McDonald Marketing International (MMI) in your corner as a resource can mean the difference between the utmost success and an epic failure.

All the stars must align to make it perfect from material sourcing, marketing, packaging, distribution, supply chain management, cost analysis, certifications, and even local and regional laws and restrictions can all come into play.

As experienced manufacturers, co-packers and white label branding experts, as they say, “We have been there and done that,” and that experience, or lack thereof, can mean a great difference in success or failure.

MMI can help.

We can use our vast international experience to assist in finding the suppliers from raw materials to machinery, from completed products to reputable co-packers and white label manufacturers.  We can direct you to storage and delivery companies, packaging design, production companies, and bar code registration.

Knowing where to look is just the beginning of any successful search for special items or that perfect product.

Next, the research to ensure that you have the right manufacturer or producer to service your needs is essential. This is where MMI can help. MMI’s team can assist with any level of product sourcing required.


Once our clients identify their needs, we move forward to perform the research necessary in finding the best alternatives for them. Our in-depth research provides reliable product sourcing domestically or internationally. Additionally, MMI can provide necessary professional services to work in conjunction with product research and sourcing, including, but not limited to:

• Finding the most reliable providers that meet set standards;

• Securing information on  possible certifications, licensing agreements, and trademark usage that could impact the products’ availability;

• Assistance with securing necessary approvals on shipping restrictions, bonds and paperwork for shipping, both inside and outside the United States;

Assistance locating reliable shipping and freight sources that can deliver the products to its destination; and

• Assistance finding and securing test products that allow review of product quality and comparison to client needs.

These are just a few of the considerations that must be taken into account to secure or manufacture a product, or provide a service, and any one of these can be problematic if you don’t have the right team performing necessary research.


Sitting around a table with friend and family trying to develop a concept is a real hit or miss situation. So many elements are involved, from initial stage planning and structure to suppliers, processes, supply chains, seasonal allowances and more, that using a real, experienced professional can make all the difference.

MMI has decades of successful concept development behind them, and that experience can smooth the path for your success.

McDonald has taken a simple idea such as a “Heat & Serve” BBQ concept and ushered it through all the stages of development, from market research, sources of supply and production contract negotiation to label and packaging design, distribution, sales and marketing, so that the end result is a full cycle from start to success. That experience is available to our clients as well.

Ronald McDonald’s Concept Design of Benito’s Burritos QSR Concept, Louisville, KY


Example of White Label Products.

Once a product has been selected, the subsequent search for a reliable source or sources can take many roads and present a host of different challenges.

Based on the type of product and product category, requirements to acquire said product from its source and delivery to the end user may require stages of travel. A branded product that has an established name requires negotiation of a dealership, distributorship, and territory and/or license agreement to allow for our client to offer it for sale.

A “White Label” item, or one that is already in production but will be packaged differently with a name and brand our client selects, presents a different type of challenge, one that may include specific insurance to protect them from defects, warranty service and greater liability.

Products that are proprietary to our client also have their own unique issues. Processes from production, co-packing, contract packaging, shipping, warehousing and distribution, can impact profit as well as time to market. Some of these considerations include:

• Sourcing a branded product and negotiating a dealership, license, franchise, distributorship or other agreement to allow the client to offer the product;

• Assistance in securing a possible “White Label” source for an item that the client wishes to offer, and making sure the protections, warranty support, parts and service are provided, if needed;

• Facilitate bringing a new or unique product or service to market; or

• Procure the materials or services (for example legal, trademark, certification, packaging, marketing, freight, distribution, warehousing, and printing) necessary to bring a product to market.

MMI is experienced in identifying, locating and assisting in overcoming whatever challenges our clients may face.