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McDonald Marketing International (MMI) has extensive experience in sales, marketing, research and manufacturing aspects of the Internet, including:

  • Development of a client online presence, through designing and building websites that serve their specific needs;
  • Construction and operation of e-commerce websites and support services that include simple purchasing programs to more complex interactive trading platforms;
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to allow for greater exposure and higher rankings in crowded and competitive fields; and
  • Traffic generation programs to help increase traffic to websites once established.
  • Online Publishing in the form of e-books, e-zines and blogs for any niche market or interesting subject matter, from social issues, charity programs, politics, hobbies or any niche market or interest, such as social issues, charity programs, politics or hobbies. We can help set up an Amazon affiliate link for books and courses on the internet.

MMI has a strong online presence, and has for many years. Our president, Ronald McDonald, recognized very early the power of an internet presence and the enormous potential of such a presence. Ronald parlayed his vision into an expertise with domains, and a bold, yet flexible method, of domain creation and registration that proves to dominate almost any vertical market. His work created nearly instant success for organizations, whether it was a start-up company or those that are already heavily branded. In short, Ronald believes that “Any idea can turn into a lucrative venture if you play your cards right.”

MMI is also the owner and operator of hundreds of niche market websites that include:

  • SPORTS: College Team (Baseball, Basketball, Football) Pro Team (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLC, CFL, Soccer) Pro Sport (Golf, Tennis) Water Sports (SCUBA, Skin Diving, Diving, Boating, Sailing, Sailboards, Kayaking, Canoeing, Personal Water Craft, Paddleboard, Sail Boards, Surfing) Hockey.
  • HOBBIES: Flying (Pilots, Aircraft, Antique Aircraft, Military Aircraft, Kit Planes, RC Models, Warbirds), Motor Sports (ATV’s, Dirt Biking, RV’s, Exotic Cars, Street Rods, Hot Rods, Kit Cars, Muscle Cars, Custom Trucks, Antique Trucks, Antiques Cars, Military Vehicles, Super Cars, Motorcycles, Trikes, Sport Bikes) Sky Diving, Outdoor Hobbies (Hiking, Camping, Trail Bikes, Hunting, Fishing, Bow Hunting, Shooting, Running, Mountain Bike) Fantasy Sports  (Baseball, Basketball, Football), Chess, Coin Collecting, Dancing, Gardening, Archery, Tropical Fish, Cruise Ship, Cruising, Decorating, DIY, Toys, Coin Collecting, Fisherman Monthly.
  • FITNESS & HEALTH: Cross fit, Cross Training, Lifestyle, Ironman, Martial Arts, New Mother, Senior Fitness, Workout, Body Building, CBD, Diet, Diabetic, Organic, Family Fitness, Women’s Fitness, and Workout.
  • WEAPONS: Handguns, Shotguns, Rifles, Pistols, Knives, Swords, Military Weapons, Concealed Weapons, Cross Bows, Long Bows, Black Powder, Concealed Weapons, Guns, Assault Weapons, Blade Smith Monthly, Bow Hunter, Bow Hunting, Concealed Pistol Buying Guide, Concealed Weapon Guide, Concealed Weapons Accessories, Edged Weapons Monthly, Knife Discounters, Knife Making Monthly, Knife Makers.
  • COOKING & FOOD: Asian Cooking, Baking, BBQ, Celebrity Chef, Chef, Hamburger, Hot Dog, Cookie, Deserts, French Cooking, Gourmet Cooking, Grilling, German Cooking, Greek Cooking, Grill Master, Home Cooking, Italian Cooking, Indian Cooking, Kids Cooking, Pies, Southern Cooking, Soul Food Cooking, Spanish Cooking, Tail Gate Cooking, Vegetarian Cooking, BBQ Rubs, BBQ Sauces, BBQ marinades, Candy, Chocolate, Cajun Cooking, Charbroil Cooking, Crockpot Cooking, Fisherman Cooking, Hunters Cooking, Mexican Cooking, Microwave Cooking, One Dish Cooking, Pasta making, Potato Recipes, Sea Food Cooking, Fast Food.
  • WINES & SPIRITS: American Wine Lovers, Beers, Bourbon, Bartenders, Craft Beers, Gin, Rum, Scotch, Single Malt Scotch, Tequila, Vodka, Whiskey, and Wines of Australia, California, Chile, France, Italy, Portugal, South Africa and Spain.
  • PETS & ANIMALS: American K9 Heroes, Animal Lover, Bird Lover, Cat Lover, Cat Owners, Dog Lover, Dog Owner, Horse Lover, Horse Owner, Magical Creatures, Pet Lovers, Pet Owners, Reptile Lovers.
  • FAMILIES, BABIES & KIDS: Babies, Family Fitness, Kids Cooking Fun, Kids Cooking with Mom, New Baby, New Mother, New Mother Fitness, New Parent, Senior Fitness, Senior Lifestyle, Teens Monthly.
  • HOME & GARDEN: Florida Modular Homes, Highland Craftsman Homes, Home Gardening, Home Decorating, Home Remodeler, Home Repair, Mobile Home Monthly, Modular Home Florida, New Florida Modular Homes, New Steel Homes Florida, Steel Homes Florida.
  • What’s YOUR Niche Market?

    BUSINESS & COMMERCE: 203K Master, 203k Wizard, American VERITAS, Beginners Franchise Guide, Catholic Business Alliance, CPAC 2020, Directory of Franchises, Fast Food Franchising Directory, Florida Contractors Support, Franchise Business Monthly, Franchise Buyers Mall, Franchise Consultant, Franchise Your Business, Franchising Monthly, How to Franchise a Business, How to Franchise Your Business, Licensed Business Directory, Licensed Business Guide, Licensed Business Monthly, Official PACE Program, PACS Pasco, PACE Hernando, PACE Solutions Florida, Real Estate Guru, Real Estate Listing Pro, Small Investor Crown Funding, Understanding Franchising, Class Action Lawsuit Monthly, Class Action Lawsuit Directory.

  • RELIGIOUS, OTHER WORLD & OCCULT: Catholic Business Alliance, Catholic Political Action Committee, Complete Occult Directory, Druid Monthly, Druids World, Ghosts Monthly, God Monthly, High Priestess Monthly, High Priest Monthly, Jedi Monthly, Lycan Monthly, Magical Creatures Monthly, Magicians, Magic Potions, Magic Spells, Necromancy, Occult Monthly, Paranormal Monthly, Sorcerer, Vampire, Warlock, Witch, Wizard, Zombie, Black Magic Monthly.
  • LUXURY, FASHION & EXOTIC: Cruise Ship Monthly, Exotic Cars Monthly, Luxury Watches, Wine Connoisseur Monthly, Mistress Monthly, Yacht Owners Monthly, Private Jets Monthly, Airplane Owner, Monthly, Limos Monthly, Cigar Lovers, Cigar Smokers, Hookah Pipe.
  • GAMING & GAMBLING: Casino Times, Fantasy Baseball Challenge, Fantasy Baseball Monthly, Fantasy Football Challenge,  and Fantasy Basketball Monthly.
  • AUTOS, MOTORCYCLES, TRUCK, VEHICLES & MORE: Antique Motorcycles Monthly, ATV Monthly, Baggers Monthly, Bikers Gear Monthly, Bikers Leather Monthly, Bikers Monthly, Cheap Trailer Supplies, Chopper Monthly, Cruisers Monthly, Custom Truck, Custom Trucks Monthly, Discount Trailer Supplies, Harley Monthly, Hitch and Trailer Guys, Hog Owners Monthly, Military Boats, Military Vehicles, Motorcycle Parts, Motorcycle Trikes, Motorcycle Trykes, Motor Scooters, Semi Trucks Monthly, Trailer Monthly.
  • BOATS, YACHTS, WATERSPORTS & MORE: Antiques Boat Monthly, Antiques Boats Monthly, Boat Monthly, Boats Monthly, Flip This Yacht, Flats Boat Monthly, Trawler Monthly, Sailboat Monthly, Sailboard Monthly, Kayak Monthly, Canoeing Monthly, Power Boat Monthly, Jet Ski Monthly, Paddleboard Monthly.
  • AIRPLANES, FLYING & MILITARY AIRCRAFT: Antique Aircraft Monthly, Aviator Monthly, Warbirds Monthly, Private Jet, Private Pilot, Aircraft Owner, Aviation, Aviator, Private Aircraft Owner, Flying.
  • OTHER INTERESTING DOMAINS: CBD Health, CBD Living, CBD Oil, CBD Support, CBD Training, CBD Products Monthly, CBD Selling, Sanitas CBD, and many others not listed.

MMI has a uniquely evolved approach to domain procurement, retention and development. Whether the domain is for hobby or personal use, a start-up or established company, MMI is your complete internet solution source.

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