Franchise & Licensing Services


Franchising vs. Licensing

Selecting the best and most effective path for your concept to follow requires a working understanding of the differences between franchising and licensing.

Although the end product looks the same to your customer, there are many divergent pathways and commitments each must follow, and tremendous differences in the way a business must be structured to legally comply with either a franchise or license agreement.

MMI has extensive experience in developing new concepts, fine tuning existing concepts, helping existing business expand, and modifying concepts to meet growth potential and streamline operational processes.

For the new business or an existing seeking expansion through franchise or license methods, we can assist in developing the necessary vehicles that can satisfy either method.

We can assist with many aspects of these business ventures, such as:

  • Brand & Logo Registration;
  • Legal Compliance and Filing;
  • Marketing of Territories, Regions or Local locations;
  • Assistance in Securing Vendors and Suppliers;
  • Negotiating proprietary and “White Label” Products from Local Suppliers;
  • Leasing and Space Location and Negotiations;
  • Sourcing Local Services and Suppliers;
  • Interviewing and Training new Franchisees and Licensees;
  • Print Ad, Billboard, TV and Radio Spot Advertisement Placement;
  • Design and Printing of Packaging Materials;
  • Equipment Packages, both Purchase and Lease; and
  • Space Design, Engineering and Layout Services.

Keeping it Simple

There are only a few options to really grow your business, no matter what type of business it is. You can add extensions to your existing business through traditional growth, or you can consider expansion through franchising or licensing, both of which allow for faster growth.

Either you have an existing business or you have an idea of something you want to create, and that will dictate how best to move forward. MMI can help you find the best path to accomplish the launch of your new endeavor.

Ronald McDonald has been involved in franchising and licensing for many decades. He understands the difficulties any franchisor or licensor might face, from difficult laws and regulations to pure logistics, and can work with you to help smooth out that path.

Every conceivable category of franchising can be addressed, such as:

  • Business to Business;
  • Management Franchises;
  • Retail Franchises;
  • Investment Franchises;
  • Manufacturing Franchises;
  • Distribution Franchises;
  • Services Franchises; and
  • Brand Development Franchises.

After that, we can address similar categories for licensing businesses.

Making the decision to go the franchise or licensing route will completely change how you address your business growth. If you are thinking about moving into the franchising arena, contact us now. We can help.