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Branding and Product Introduction Services

Product Introduction

It is always a challenge to bring a new product, brand or service to market in a new country. It is more than just the logistics of finding a way to deliver the product or service, it also entails making sure all of the destination country’s laws and restrictions are met. McDonald Marketing International (MMI) is a company that has dealt in international franchising, where not only a new brand must be introduced, but the entire supply chain management system must also be created.

MMI can assist in introducing a new brand, properly create a new market for that brand, and ensure compliance with all laws, regulations and restrictions specific to that country.

Supplier Sourcing

With any new venture into a foreign and distant location, there are logistical challenges that need to be met, and some of them can be quite taxing when operated from a distance. Using our extensive experience and international contacts, MMI can assist in working with local vendors to provide necessary services for a successful entrance into those new markets. Whether securing a local manufacturer to produce an OEM product or finding a producer who can “White Label” their existing product, we can be of help.

Brand Recognition and Exposure

Breaking into a new market is always a challenge when a new brand is introduced. It requires experience to be able to recognize target markets and find the best possible points of entry into those markets. We can assist with this process, and help guide our clients through the often expensive and, sometimes confusing, pathways needed to make that new brand recognizable.

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